Offer: Term used to describe a stated price or spread to sell whole loans or securities

Open space: An area of land or water dedicated for public or private use or enjoyment

Open-end fund:
A commingled fund that does not have a finite life, continually accepts new investor capital and makes new property investments

Operating cost escalation:
Although there are many variations of escalation clauses, all are intended to adjust rents by reference to external standards such as published indexes, negotiated wage levels, or expenses related to the ownership and operation of a building.

Operating Expense:
The actual costs associated with operating a property, including maintenance, repairs, management, utilities, taxes and insurance

: Used by advisers and managers to describe investments in underperforming and/or under-managed assets that hold the expectation of near-term increases in cash flow and value. Total return objectives for opportunistic strategies tend to be 20 percent or higher. Opportunistic investments typically involve a high degree of leverage – typically 60 percent to 100 percent on an asset basis and 60 percent to 80 percent on a portfolio basis.

A company that sources and underwrites commercial and/or multifamily mortgage loans

Out-parcel: Individual retail sites in a shopping center