New York City Housing Authority – 2019 NYC “Worst Landlord”

DeBlasio's Worst Landlord

In 2010, as the NYC Public Advocate, current NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio (and failed Presidential candidate) created the “worst landlord list” . A list composed of the city’s worst landlords.

It comes back to bite him in the ass as in previous years, the NYCHA tops the list as the “worst landlord”.


NYCHA spokeswoman Barbara Brancaccio defended the authority’s poor ranking on the size of its portfolio, saying “with 2,351 buildings in 316 developments and more than 400,000 residents in public housing, NYCHA holds the largest real-estate portfolio in the country.”

She also said that since NYCHA signed a January 2019 agreement with the federal government giving away power it has been “closely collaborating with the federal monitor to bring the authority into compliance, and laying the groundwork and implementing systemic changes to improve conditions for our residents.

“This includes identifying plans to raise sufficient capital to stabilize all of properties and preserve all of our apartments for the long term.”

FYI – it doesn’t matter “how big it is” – you have an obligation to your tenants.

A landlord is a landlord is a landlord.

Like the rest of us.