The Eviction Moratorium is BULLSHIT

Landlords are Waiting for Relief

On Sept 4, 2020 one of the biggest property grabs in history took place.  The CDC National Eviction Moratorium.

The original moratorium was due to expire December 31,2020.  As COVID-19 continued to spread and take lives, the moratorium has been extended.  Furthermore, State and Local governments expanded their own versions of the moratorium.

The Federal government distributed money to states to distribute funding to help pay the rent.  Most landlord – tenant courts were closed and to this day (June 15, 2021 ) remain closed.

In many cases, evictions pending PRIOR to the pandemic (March 15 , 2020) are STILL pending. This means hundreds of thousands of tenants scheduled to be evicted remain, rent free.  Landlords are sitting and waiting.  There are still tens of thousands of landlords (and tenants) waiting for relief.

For example, in NJ, under the NJ Eviction Moratorium  (began March 2020 –  may run to Jan 2022)  there is an estimated 194,000 eviction cases pending – those stalled March 2020 through today, June 15, 2021. The courts are attempting to revamp the existing Landlord Tenant Courts while state and county relief programs are trying to distribute money. In the meantime, landlords like me are stuck with non-paying tenants and the debt is piling up .

Simply unfair – or BULLSHIT.