Attorneys fees for landlord tied to racketeering lawsuit to be paid by receiver


A judge ruled Friday the fees for the attorneys representing Mohammad Choudry could be paid out of rent money collected by the court-appointed receiver managing Choudry’s properties.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge William Sosnay also agreed that Choudry could have access to a few properties that have been under a court-ordered receivership since November so he can attempt to bring them up to code.

The decisions are the latest in the $1.25 million racketeering suit against Choudry the City of Milwaukee filed in October. In November, the judge put all 76 of Choudry’s properties under the management of a court-appointed receiver.

The city’s suit alleges Choudry has repeatedly avoided paying court fines and property taxes while trying to keep secret his ownership interests in properties riddled with building code violations.