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David Dorfman , Internet Consultant, Licensed New Jersey and Florida Real Estate Agent, Investor in Real Estate and Real Estate Technology.

AirBnB Registration Fort Lauderdale


By David Dorfman, Publisher For Fort Lauderdale (Broward County) property owners who are renting out their homes for short-stays, you should fully aware of requirements to register your property with: City of Fort Lauderdale […read more]

Parting Words of Wisdom, Part 2


This article by Leta Herman of Inman News ran April 9,2001 in many US publications. PARTING WORDS OF WISDOM PART II By: Leta Herman April 09, 2001 In my last column, I summarized many of […read more]

35 Million Renters – and Growing


35 Million People Rent, according to US Government statistics. The number continues to grow for a number of reasons. Often cited facts of why people rent: job market is not stable millenials not anxious to […read more]

Free Forms & more


FREE FORMS When we started in 1998, our experience was in designing forms and the movement of them around an office or “on-line” . This was one of our first moves we wanted to […read more]

Jacksonville Florida Roof Collaspe


Jacksonville, Florida Reported by by: Larry Spruill, Action News Jax Updated: Feb 17, 2017 McKennon was inside her home and did not realize the roof above her was collapsing. “The back of our house is […read more]

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