Days on Market:
The period of time a property is listed for sale until it is sold or taken off the market. Usual found in the MLS listing.

Deed: A legal instrument transferring title to real property from the seller to the buyer upon the sale of such property

Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure:
A deed given by an owner/borrower to a lender to satisfy a mortgage debt and avoid foreclosure

Deposit Receipt: A document that lists the price, conditions and terms under which the buyer is willing to purchase the property. (Each of these means the same thing: offer to purchase, or purchase offer, or earnest money agreement, or contract of purchase, or deposit receipt.)

Distressed Property: Property that is in poor physical or financial condition.

Due-on-Dale clause: A restriction in a mortgage that has the effect of stopping assumptions. The clause states that the entire balance of the mortgage is due and payable immediately if the property is sold or conveyed.

Dual – Agency: A relationship in which a real estate agent or broker represents both parties in a transaction. Usually must be disclosed to buyer and seller.