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The following Florida landlord tenant information is based on Florida Landlord Tenant Laws as defined by  (Chapter 83, Part II).

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Although Florida law does not require a written lease, request a written lease that clearly states all the terms.

Oral leases are subject to misunderstandings and are more difficult to enforce. Get all agreements in writing.

NOTE: Difference between a Security Deposit and an Administrative Fee or Processing Fee. 

Florida Statute Chapter 83 provides for the return of security deposits whereas administrative fees and processing fees are not the same as deposits and are generally not refundable in Florida.

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Normal Wear and Tear  and your security deposit.

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For information or assistance, call the Florida Consumer Hotline at 1-800-HELPFLA - 800-435-7352, O Para Espanola 1-800-352-9832


* Always take a last walk-through with the landlord before you vacate the rental dwelling!  Note any damages in writing and reach a final agreement concerning any financial penalties which may occur, or that may jeopardize the status of your security deposit return. Landlord may not charge for Normal Wear and Tear.

* When you move out, a Florida landlord must either return your deposit (plus interest, if applicable) within 15 days of termination of the lease, or justify in writing, within the 15 day period, why he is keeping a portion or all of the money. The justification must be sent by certified mail to your last known mail address.

* If the notice is not sent as required within the 15-day period, the landlord
forfeits his right to impose a claim unless you failed to give proper notice prior to vacating.

* If the Florida tenant objects to the landlord retaining all or a portion of the deposit the matter may be taken to Small Claims Court in the County your rental was located.

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