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David Dorfman , Internet Consultant, Licensed New Jersey and Florida Real Estate Agent, Investor in Real Estate and Real Estate Technology.

Free Rental Application Form


The Small Landlord  FREE Rental Application form is available here. Many of the on-line services may tell you you do not need to have the information on our form – including Social Security Number, Driver […read more]

Slumlord vs Landlord


Take care of your investment. There are a number of reasons. Even if where your property is held does not enforce basic codes, you should. You may think your tenant’s do not care (maybe they don’t) […read more]

Screening My Tenants


Screening My Tenants One of the issues that often arises when you become a landlord is how do you check a prospective credit. This used to be a problem for small landlords unless your real […read more]

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