Free Forms & more


FREE FORMS When we started in 1998, our experience was in designing forms and the movement of them around an office or “on-line” . This was one of our first moves we wanted to […read more]

Jacksonville Florida Roof Collaspe


Jacksonville, Florida Reported by by: Larry Spruill, Action News Jax Updated: Feb 17, 2017 McKennon was inside her home and did not realize the roof above her was collapsing. “The back of our house is […read more]

Tenant Screening


January 2017: The National Landlord Tenant Guide announced today they have completed purchasing a series of real estate domain names from various partners. They are to be revived with different targets . They will […read more]

Arkansas, Pot and the Landlord


Feb 2017: LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Despite voters approving the use of medical marijuana, new legislation filed would make it illegal to actually smoke it. As the law is written right now, a landlord could tell […read more]

Attleboro landlord with gun jailed


Not the way to solve a dispute… ATTLEBORO — An Attleboro landlord is now serving a jail sentence for shooting up a Lamb Street home he rented in what authorities say was the violent ending […read more]

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